Waltonville Trapshooting Wins National Championship


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WSIL -- The Grand American Trapshooting Championships are taking place from August 5-15 at the World Shooting and Recreational Complex in Sparta.

More than 7,000 shooters are competing in the event, which included five competitors from Waltonville.

Just over a year ago, this group from Waltonville formed a trapshooting team. It was a slow start for the group that didn't have much experience competing in the sport, but led by their head coach, David Schaefer, they were determined to improve.

"It's come a long way in just a year," said Schaefer. "They work hard and they go out there and they try hard. They say, 'Practice makes perfect,' but perfect practice makes perfect."
A year has past and the team has improved. Five members, ranging in age from 11 to 16 years old, now make up Waltonville's junior class-d division team.
The group poured in time practicing for the team's first competition in the Grand National Championship at the ATA Grands. They were excited to be at the event and for their opportunity to compete against the other 40 teams in their division. But then something incredible happened, Waltonville won the national championship.
"No one was expecting anything and I looked over to my buddy Daniel and he was sitting right next to me," remembered Waltonville junior trap shooter Ryan Majewski. "I go, 'You know we might have a chance for something.' And they get down to junior class-d and they go, 'The championship belongs to Waltonville Trap.' I don't think half of us heard 'ville' and 'trap'. We just all jumped up screaming."
"To think that our team has come this far and won a national championship title in one year is simply amazing," added Waltonville junior trap shooter Grace Pytlinski.
Now the team hopes to build off of its success. 
"My goal is as we progress and we go up in letter, as we go higher, is to win championships in all of them," said Schaefer.
And with the young talent that Waltonville has, the sky is the limit for this team.
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