• Date Night! Jennifer Lawrence Attends Coldplay Concert

    Jennifer Lawrence and Chris Martin's romance heats up.

  • Miley Cyrus Twerks on Mexican Flag, Now Under Investigation

    Miley Cyrus is about to learn a very important lesson in respectful twerking. Kicking off a series of shows in Mexico in Monterrey, Miley may have gotten a little too wild as her dancers began to spank her twerking booty with the country's flag. And this all happened on Mexico's Independence Day, of all days! PICS: Must-See Celeb Sightings

  • Kenny Chesney Talks 'The Big Revival,' Writing About Women and Taylor Swift's Pop Crossover

    The Big Revival is more than just an album title for Kenny Chesney: It's a new way of life.

  • You Need to See What Connie Britton's Hair Looked Like in the '80s

    It’s a scientific fact that Connie Britton has the best hair of any human ever. It is the result of witchcraft (maybe). It will be what brings about World Peace (probably). And it’s the reason Nashville was ever created (so we could see what Connie Britton’s hair looks like paired with different sequined outfits). But it wasn’t always that way. WARNING: The photo you are about to see may be traumatizing.

  • Target Continues Support of Marriage Equality, Features Same-Sex Parents in New Commercial

    Target doesn’t care who you sleep with, or love, or marry. Just as long as you shop at Target — a smart business strategy you’d think more companies would subscribe to. They prove as much by featuring a couple of gay parents in an all-around diverse new ad for their “Made to Matter” campaign promoting organic brands. The ad isn’t focused on acceptance. Or promoting diversity. It’s just an add for organic food and the gay couple is just there. Included. Like in the real world. But the timing is wonderful: Last month, the super store signed a legal brief in court that officially announced their support of marriage equality (“Everyone should be treated equally under the law,” the executive V.P. later posted in a blog). Naturally, anti-gay groups called for a boycott.

  • Meghan Trainor Is a Swifty! Watch Her Cover 'Shake It Off'

    Taylor Swift and Meghan Trainor are ruling the charts these days. Trainor's "All About that Bass" and Swift's "Shake It Off" have spent the last few weeks volleying between the No.1 and No. 2 spots on both the Billboard Hot 100 and the iTunes singles chart (currently Trainor tops the former and Swift the latter), but that doesn't mean they're not fans of each others' work. PICS: Bare Faced Beauties! Stars Without Makeup

  • 'Twilight' Star Jackson Rathbone Livetweets Terrifying Emergency Plane Landing

    Twilight star Jackson Rathbone and his family were aboard a JetBlue flight when the plane was forced to make an emergency landing at Long Beach Airport on Thursday and the actor took to Twitter to share the entire terrifying experience. PICS: Hollywood's Hottest Movie Posters According to the 29-year-old actor's WhoSay feed, the plane was going to Austin and everything was fine -- he was even enjoying an episode of Pawn Stars. But then the right engine of the plane exploded shortly after takeoff, filling the cabin with smoke.

  • Exclusive 'Breaking Amish' Clip: Vonda's Secret

    New Breaking Amish star Vonda has a secret that involves taking her clothes off!

  • Ben Affleck Explains Why He Was Banned From Blackjack, Talks Gambling Addiction Rumors

    Ben Affleck has a lot of "tabloid bullsh*t" he wants to clear up! Back in May, the Batman vs. Superman actor made headlines for getting banned from the blackjack table at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Now, in a new interview with Details magazine, he not only confirms that the incident was a true story, but acknowledges rumors that he's suffered from a gambling addiction. "That is a true story. I mean, that took place," Affleck, 42, says about the incident in May. “I took some time to learn the game and became a decent blackjack player. And once I became decent, the casinos asked me not to play blackjack. I mean, the fact that being good at the game is against the rules at the casinos should tell you something about casinos."

  • Grumpy Cat Finds Her Grumpy Voice in 'Parks and Recreation's' Aubrey Plaza

    File this under matches made in casting heaven.

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