Winter Weather Impacts Super Sunday Plans


By Matthew Searcy

WSIL -- Sunday snowfall in southern Illinois created some problems for local drivers and businesses.

"I've called in some extra drivers tonight to try to ensure that we get everyone their food on time," says Carterville Domino's Manager Lance Allois.  
Super Bowl Sunday isn't just a weekend travel day, it's also the biggest pizza delivery day of the year, and the extra snow is something to keep an eye on.  
"Sometimes when the roads get so icy and covered in ice on the back roads, we cut out delivering to those places and tell them sorry," explains Allois. "Generally, they want food when the weather gets bad. When the weather sirens go off, or snow, or if there is a bunch of rain, we get busier."
Local drivers are also watching out for slick spots on the roadways.
"It doesn't seem too slick or too bad right now, but I definitely will be watching out for it," says Marion resident Cara Merrick. "I've got some back roads that I have got to hit up, so I will definitely slow down on those and make sure I take the curves and turns a whole lot easier than what I usually do." 
In Williamson County, highway engineer Greg Smothers says many primary roads were in good shape throughout the afternoon, but secondary roads remain a concern despite the county's best efforts.  
"We pre-treated all of our main roads last week," says Smothers. "We will probably just generally run the trucks that we can use to spread some material. We won't be doing a tremendous amount of plowing." 
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