Air Conditioner Thief Arrested


By Matthew Searcy

HERRIN --  For the past month police in Herrin and Marion have received numerous reports of stolen air conditioning units. On Wednesday, they found the man responsible.  

Police arrested 43-year-old Eric Aderholt of Herrin. They say he confessed to the air-conditioner thefts and to stealing several dozen bus batteries.  


"They cut the wires, switches, they cut the coils, took all the screws out and lifted it up," said Garon Foods Warehouse Manager Jeremiah Griesbach. 


On Tuesday, Griesbach discovered two of his A/C units had been broken into and stripped for parts. 


"I go outside and walk around the perimeter and I am missing two units," said Griesbach. 


Police say Aderholt targeted dozen businesses in both Herrin and Marion.  


"When the business would come in the next operating day they would have no air conditioning," said Herrin detective Scott Stefan. "They go outside and the unit is together, but only when they have it looked at would they realize that the guts are all ripped out inside." 


Aderholt also stole dozens of bus batteries.  


"He became a person of interest due to the large number of batteries he was selling to these recycling places," said Stefan.  


The thefts began in May. Police say each crime took a considerable amount of time and planning.  


"Basically he went to businesses that were not as visible," said Marion detective Thomas Warren.  "He broke it down for us how it all worked. It took over an hour at each spot to gather all that material."


Aderholt stole 700 pounds of bus batteries and numerous A-C parts. However, police say he only made several hundred dollars in the process. 


"It cost me $6,000 to replace these units and I think they may have made $60 or $70 bucks," Griesbach.  


Aderholt is being held at the Williamson County jail. He faces multiple counts of theft. 

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