Weather Takes A Toll On Athletic Events


By WSIL Sports

CARTERVILLE -- The snow, ice, and freezing temperatures have wreaked havoc on high school sporting events throughout the area. For many of the players, coaches, and athletic directors, this winter has been one of the worst in recent history and has provided many cancellations and postponements of athletic events.

"This has been the worst," said Goreville athletic director and boys basketball head coach Todd Tripp. "We have been on the phone a lot this winter to make up dates and it's by far the worst I have had to deal with."

"This has been a tough winter," said Johnston City athletic director and boys basketball head coach Wade Thomas. "This is the second round of severe weather that everybody in southern Illinois has had."

When a practice or game is canceled or postponed. It affects multiple people that help run each event. Take for example, the players and coaches. They battle just trying to stay consistent with an always changing schedule.

"Your preparation kind of takes a beating," said Goreville girls basketball head coach Mike Helton. "Are we going to try and prepare for somebody or are we just going to try and get better? So, we know when the weather is coming in then we will try and change and focus on a handful of little things instead of an opponent."

"It is really hard when you have days off because when we come back we kind of get out of shape," said Goreville senior guard Kayla Webb.

The bad weather presents athletic directors with many obstacles to overcome as well.

"We always try and find a date before we cancel a game," said Tripp. "We have to talk to the other team. The team that is traveling, it is up to them whether they want to travel or not. But not only the team, you have to contact the scorekeepers, the gate people, the referees and everybody involved because you don't want anyone showing up and not knowing anything about it."

Each time that inclement weather starts to creep in, it forces the regular season for many of these sports, to be anything but regular.




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