Restaurant Report Card: July 14, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- Cozy Table in Benton received an 80 on its June health inspection.

The most serious problems were a torn screen door that could give bugs or animals a way into the restaurant an excessive amount of flies, and  no sanitizer in the dish machine. The inspector instructed staff to use the three-compartment sink to wash, rinse and sanitize until it could be repaired.
Several areas needed cleaning including the inside of the ice machine, the cookie oven, shelves above the salad bar and in the cooler, the floor under the equipment and appliances, the mop bucket, and the walls and ceiling in the kitchen. Products not in their original container weren't labeled with the date and time they were opened.
The inspector came back a week later and noted everything was fixed except the screen door. A second follow-up, seven days after the first, showed that critical violation still had not been fixed.
The owner says he contacted the building's owner about the door immediately and a new one is on order; he got a brand new dish machine to avoid any future issues.  He also points out there were no problems with the way food is handled or prepared in his kitchen.
Mis Cuates Mexican Restaurant in Carterville earned a 85 on its most recent check. The inspector didn't find any critical problems, but the paper towels were out a a hand sink, the dumpster lid wasn't closed, the faucet at the prep sink had a leak, and shelves for food storage were left on the floor.
Also, some of the oven mitts were ripped and had to be replaced, and a piece of equipment that keeps food cold was malfunctioning. Mis Cuates voluntarily threw out chicken, sour cream and salsa.
The inspector gave Nick's Oklatex BBQ in Benton a 91.
The only critical deduction was for food in the cooler that wasn't below 41 degrees. Some spatulas had to be replaced, shelves in the cooler were dirty, and there was a condensation leak.
It was a 95 for Cracker Barrel in Marion. The floor in the dish area had to be cleaned, and the lid to a kettle was on the floor.  A damaged tray for food also needed to be replaced.
And this week's top spot goes to San's Chinese in Carterville with a 98. The inspector praised the restaurant for being very clean.
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