Restaurant Report Card: Jan. 27, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- The deli at Tom's Mad Pricer in West Frankfort got an 84 from the health inspector last month.

One of the open display coolers wasn't staying cold enough, so the food inside had to be removed. That was the only critical violation, but there were other, more minor deductions.
Tom's deli lost points for dust behind the compressor and on the walk-in cooler fan covers, missing light shields to guard against broken bulbs, and molding that needed to be repaired. The floor of the walk-in freezer was dirty, along with the wall and floor near the fryer, and the floor under the three-compartment sink.
The mop wasn't in its designated area, and one of the refrigerators didn't have a thermometer to monitor temperature.
We did not hear back from management for their take on the inspection.
It was an 86 for Tequilas in Marion. 
There was one critical deduction. Raw and ready-to-eat foods needed to be separated in one of the coolers. The report also notes, "use food-grade bags for food, not trash bags," and some cooked dishes weren't labeled with the date and time they were prepared.
Wooden shelves on the prep line were dirty, and the handle of the ice scoop was touching the ice.
The health department gave the Vienna McDonald's an 87. The lone critical violation was for bacon that wasn't properly labeled. Five racks of it had to be thrown away.
Some bread wasn't at least six inches off the ground, and one of the hand sinks was out of paper towels. The inspector spotted three employees washing their hands with no way to properly dry them.
Sonic in Du Quoin scored a 93.
The only critical issue involved hand washing procedures. The inspector noted "employees need to wash hands when changing tasks." Some hand washing was observed, but not all workers followed protocol.
There were also leaks in the plumbing at the three-compartment sink and a hand sink and the floors under the kitchen equipment needed cleaning.
Topping the Report Card this week, The W in Du Quoin with a 96.
There were no critical problems, however, some food wasn't being thawed correctly. The inspector advised thawing must be done under running water or as part of the cooking process. Additionally, there was a crack in the floor in the store room.
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