New Year's Resolution: Kicking the Habit


By Melissa Kohn

CARTERVILLE -- For smokers, the New Year's holiday can be great motivation to quit smoking. However, kicking the habit requires a lot of work and motivation.

Shawnna Donovan of the American Cancer Society says, "Get a support system and get information. Drink more water, get out there and be motivated in an exercised state. Try to stay away from areas that you would want to smoke where it's smoking with friends or outside."

The benefits of quitting are more than just health based. For many it's an economic decision. Donovan explains, "By not smoking a pack a day we've estimated that at a $7 a pack a day you're saving close to $2200 a year."

But arguably the most important reason is your health according to Donovan. She adds, "You're investing in your future, you're investing in making yourself healthy and also everyone around you. You're trying to create a smoke free environment."

Donovan says drinking water, eating well, and getting enough rest may help give you energy you need to handle extra stress. However, for those who can't quit on their own, Donovan offers some other ideas. "There are over the counter medications and support with the patches and things of that nature. You certainly want to talk to your physician about any medicines or prescriptions to help ease you out of the symptoms"

Donovan wants smokers to know they are not alone and support is out there. She also says, "It's important to forgive yourself. If you happen to slip up, backslide a little bit just keep going."

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