Local Banks Protect Against Hackers


By Nick Hausen

MARION -- The government is investigating a major breach at one of the nation's largest banks.

J.P. Morgan and at least one other bank are involved in the data breach. The FBI is still trying to figure out what kind of information the hackers may have accessed. The FBI says Russian hackers could be behind the attack.

Banks are always trying to stay ahead of those looking for new ways to tap into personal and financial records. Even local banks like Banterra have to constantly update technology and monitor for new viruses to ward off any potential threats.

Banterra Bank says the threat extends beyond just banking and everyone needs to protect their electronic information.

"It doesn't matter who it is, if anybody is trying to break in that's what we're concerned of," said Doug Fuqua with Banterra Bank. "And everyone should be concerned with even their own PCs. That's something that everyone should take due diligence in."

Fuqua says customers can take precautions against hackers by watching their account activity daily. So far, Banterra has experienced no problems with hackers. 

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