Help Keep Your AC Unit Safe


By Brandon Merano

WILLIAMSON COUNTY -- Two churches in Williamson County have now been hit in the string of air conditioning unit thefts.

Oak Grove Gospel Mission in Marion and Cana Baptist Church in Creal Springs both had units stolen within the past month. They join several businesses in Herrin and Marion that have also been hit by thieves.

Other businesses that have been hit include O'Reilly Auto Parts and two doctors offices in Herrin. Marion has also seen its fair share of AC thefts. Konica Minolta had two units stolen last week. Fred Holder was installing fencing Thursday to protect the replacements.

"It's kind of an expensive lesson to learn on saving your air conditioner. I guess people are getting desperate out stealing everything they can and selling it to make a buck," commented Holder.

Mike Ponder of Ponder Heating and Cooling in Marion has a few simple steps you can take to prevent theft.

"Watch out for your neighbors, keep things well lit. Secondly if you want to invest money in alarm systems or protective cages. That sort of hardware is all good," Ponder told News Three.

With the recent thefts in our region, some residents and businesses may be looking for a way to protect themselves. Ponder says alarm systems for units are now better than ever.

"One company has come out with an alarm system for AC units that has a strobe light and siren standard and an option for an automatic phone dialer. It's all wireless so if the thief cuts the wires to the unit he wont disable the alarm," said Ponder.

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