Vienna Host First Special Needs Prom


By Craig Choate

VIENNA -- Prom can be a big night for a high school student, and that night came Saturday evening for a couple dozen Vienna high schoolers.

 It was a separate dance for special education students who may not feel comfortable joining the rest of their classmates, but still want to enjoy their prom night.

"I'm nervous and very excited at the same time," says Vienna freshman Maleia Lanier.
"The only dance I know is the slow dance," claims Eric Smith, a freshman.
Vienna special education teacher Michelle Hunsaker organized the event. She says, "The kids, really, all they wanted was just something where they can come and have fun. I would take ideas back to the students and the classroom, let them vote on it; see what they wanted."
Lanier says what she's looking forward to is seeing her friends dressed up.
"Spending time with friends," states Smith.
Hunsaker explains, "They may come in and their parents might be so overwhelmed with the health problems they may have or the special needs. They probably don't have time to go out and get nails done or hair done, because that's an extra cost out of their pocket. So when they come here, they got to do all those things for free."
Hunsaker says next year they hope to either bring in other school districts to their dance or help other schools organize their own.


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