Vienna High School Seniors Graduate with College Degrees


By Evie Allen

VIENNA -- Five Vienna High School seniors, who enrolled in a dual-credit program have earned college degrees.

Friday is the last day of classes for Vienna High School seniors.

"I kind of realized the other night, I'll never be back here. I'm going out in the real world after this. It's a little bit scary to tell the truth," says student Lucas Wright.

With their high school graduation still a week away, five very bright students will be walking in another ceremony as they graduate from Shawnee Community College.

"It's very real. It's very very exciting," expresses student Assiah Mercer.

The opportunity is made possible by a partnership between the school and the college. The dual credit and escrow programs allow kids to earn high school and college credit hours at the same time.

"It's very different. I never imagined that I'd have my associates before I graduated high school," says Mercer.     

The program is free for students and starts in their sophomore year. The schedule begins with summer classes. Which was a challenging experience for Wright and Mercer.

"That was kind of an eye opening experience, just having school all year around. It was a little challenging but in the end it was completely worth it," explains Wright.

All five students will walk away with an associate's degree and ready to go to a university. 

Curriculum director Joshua Stafford says this type of achievement shows hard work and partnerships lead to great success.

"We want our graduates to know certainly that we're proud of them but more importantly than that, that they have the capacity to accomplish anything that they are willing to work hard for," he says.

And just like their mascot, it's time for these eagles to soar.

"It's a great program and the school has done a great job setting us up for our future," believes Wright.

Vienna High School will hold its graduation Friday, May 23. This is the most students the school's ever had graduate from the dual-enrollment program.

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