Restaurant Report Card: June 23, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- The inspector gave Garfield's in Carbondale a 75 when they visited in Mayan eight point drop from the month before. 

Critical violations really hurt the restaurant, accounting for 14 of its lost points. Refrigerated drawers on the cook line weren't staying cold enough. The inspector ordered Garfield's to stop using them immediately. The water at the hand sink in the bar was turned off because of a leak, which resulted in two violations for a total of nine points.
The report also notes, "pay more attention to dishwashing." Bowls and pans that were supposed to be clean had food debris on them. The floor along the cook line was dirty, ice cream was left uncovered in the freezer, and the ice scoop wasn't being stored properly.
The manager says staff has been making a lot of improvements, which were reflected in its June inspection. Garfield's closed as of Sunday and will reopen in about a month under a new name. 
Just down Route 13, Golden Corral in Carbondale scored a 79.
There were a pair of critical issues at the restaurant. A warming cabinet wasn't holding temperature, so the Italian sausage inside was moved until the unit could be fixed. An employee also wasn't hand washing dishes correctly. Each item has to be immersed in sanitizer for one minute.
There were also several cleaning issues. The inspector wrote "almost every spoon, spatula, set of tongs and ladle hung on the clean racks was still dirty." Golden Corral was docked for heavy grease buildup on the bread warmers and filters above the grills, two racks of equipment near the dumpster room that had to be rewashed and toilets in the women's restroom that needed to be cleaned.
Nearly all the issues were corrected within two days.
Wineaux in Belknap received an 89. Stuffing and twice baked potatoes that weren't labeled with the date they were made had to be pitched. That was the lone critical issue.
The dish machine wasn't dispensing sanitizer correctly, and some molding had to be re-attached to the kitchen wall.
Pizza Villa in Anna earned a 92 on its most recent check. There weren't any critical violations, but the shelves and floor in the walk-in cooler were dirty; dough left in a bowl had to be covered between uses.
Beth's Café in Zeigler takes the top spot with a 98. The wall in the dish room and hard to reach areas of the floor needed cleaning.
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