Restaurant Report Card: June 2, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- The Murphysboro Kroger received an 81 from the health department.

There were two critical deductions. Hand soap was left too close to equipment used on food, and the 3-compartment sink wasn't set up correctly. There was soap in one compartment, fruit being soaked in another, and nothing in the sanitizer area. The report notes the sink should be used for either washing dishes or cleaning produce, not both at the same time.
Rolls of plastic wrap for the meat were being stored on the floor along with boxes of parmesan cheese, and some insulation needed to be covered in the meat grinder room. 
A follow-up a week later shows both the critical issues corrected. The manager says they made those adjustments right away and points out the store typically scores very well on its inspections.
Garfield's in Carbondale earned an 83 on its April inspection, which reflects a five-point improvement from the month before.
There were still a pair of critical violations. Refrigerated drawers beneath the grill weren't staying cold enough, so ribs, steak and beef patties all had to be thrown away. A cracked tube in the dish machine meant it wasn't dispensing sanitizer.
Baked potatoes in the fridge weren't covered, there were spills in the beer cooler and the freezer, and the sides of the deep fryer and top of the dish machine needed to be cleaned.
Because of the critical issues, the inspector decided to make monthly visits to Garfield's, at least through July.
It was a 90 for Miss Emily's Cathouse in Marion. 
The dish machine was out of sanitizer, which was the only critical deduction. The floor in the dish area needed to be cleaned, and some leftover food wasn't marked with the date and time it was prepared.
The health department gave Kelley's Café in Jonesboro a 94.
There were no critical issues, but Kelley's lost a few points because someone in the kitchen didn't have a hat or hair net on.
Broken ceiling tiles had to be fixed, and the exterior of the kitchen equipment needed to be cleaned more often.
And topping the list this week is King's Wok in Anna with a 98. The inspector marked off because cardboard was being used to line shelves, and damaged floor tiles in the kitchen had to be replaced.
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