Restaurant Report Card: April 28, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- The Ridgway Quik Mart received an 83 from the health department on its most recent check thanks to a pair of critical violations.

Potentially hazardous food wasn't being kept below the required 41 degrees to ensure it's safe. That issue cost the Quik Mark five points. The front door of the building didn't close properly, which means bugs and animals could get inside. The inspector deducted four points for that problem.
Some surfaces that food comes in contact with were dirty, the floors needed cleaning, and the report notes the walls and ceiling should be free of food, dirt and grease. There was also trash buildup outside the building.
When the inspector returned a week later, they found the two critical issues had been fixed. The manager says the store addressed all the concerns immediately, as evidenced by the follow-up inspection.
The Anna Pizza Hut scored an 89. Holes in the back door had to be sealed to ensure bugs and animals were kept out of the restaurant. That was the lone critical violation.
Most of the other issues were cleaning related. The inside of the walk-in cooler had to be cleaned more frequently, along with the area around the fryer and parts of the floor, the storage area and exteriors of the kitchen equipment. 
It was a 90 for Mike's Drive-In in West Frankfort. The only critical problem was raw meat being stored above cooked meat. It was fixed on the spot.
Additionally, the health department asked that one wall be cleaned and repainted and some rusty shelves in one of the coolers be replaced.
El Tequila in Vienna earned a 93.
The restaurant had zero critical deductions, but the inspector spotted a worker touching tortillas and cheese with their bare hands. Since those items are ready-to-eat employees are supposed to wear gloves.
The kitchen trash can was dirty, and some food in the freezer wasn't covered properly.
And top honors this time around go to Wok 'N' Roll in Anna with a 99. The restaurant's lone lost point was for not having a thermometer in one refrigerator.
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