Johnson County State's Attorney


By Melissa Kohn

VIENNA - Johnson County is home to more than 13,000 residents including new State's Attorney Tambra Cain.

The Johnson County native has been an attorney since 2003 and believes her extensive background in law will help her in the new position. She says, "I've always wanted to be a lawyer and I've always been interested in being a prosecutor, so I'm pleased and excited about the opportunity."

Cain had to hit the ground running when she was sworn into office on December 3rd. She says her biggest hurdle since taking office was the lack of time to get acquainted with the new position.

Although Cain will spend much of her day in a courtroom she is also looking to help her county improve financially adding, "I want to see our fine collection improve. We have a number of uncollected fines and I intend to work on that as well and I know the county works on that as well."

Besides unpaid fines, the mother of two also wants to tackle issues regarding the county's youth. Cain says, "I would like to see more diversionary programs and more improvement to rather than criminalize juvenile behavior, modify it and perhaps keep them out of the system. I would like to see an improvement in that."

Cain plans to work with local law enforcement to make Johnson county a safer place for everyone. She adds, "This is my county. This is the county that I raised my kids in. I have two grown children and I have a grandchild, so I'm vested in wanting it to be a good county."
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