Beekeepers Learn the Tricks of the Trade in Jonesboro


By Loreto Cruz III

JONESBORO-- Beekeeping is a growing hobby in the area. On Saturday, a few residents got to learn from the pros.

S.I. All Abuzz is a group that specializes in removing hives after bees have infested someone's home. Although a typical homeowner may see the creatures as pests, members of the group see them as an important natural development.
"We see any nests that appear naturally as genetically strong, just for the fact that they developed without human help." said beekeeping enthusiast Scott Martin. "Our intent is to preserve those strong genes by removing nests from an infested home and allowing them to flourish under our supervision."
The group had planned to remove what they said was a rather large infestation from an unoccupied home in Jonesboro on Saturday morning. 
This morning, a few aspiring enthusiasts met with the group to see them at work. However, once they found it abandoned, they decided to hold a class on beekeeping instead.
If you'd like to contact S.I. All Abuzz, you can find their Facebook page here.
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