Unsung Hero: Haleigh-Claire's Cupcakes


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

HARRISBURG -- Tonya Collins was having a hard time making ends meet earlier this year when she decided to put her faith in baking..

"I trusted God and he said to bake cakes and I can tell you that 100% because they have taken off like crazy," said Tonya Collins, owner of Haleigh-Claire's Cupcakery.
Tonya is a freelance court reporter and a single mom. She says January and February were slow months for her and she knew she needed to make money somehow.
"I don't know anything! I'd never made anything from scratch, I thought 'where is this coming from?'" remembers onya.
After creating her own recipes and baking the cupcakes from scratch, Tonya couldn't start selling the cupcakes right away. So she takes the tasty treats to anyone who may need a pick-me-up.  She also donates to charity events and most recently to the Brookport tornado victims.
"People say 'That just lifts me up! Every time I have a down day I run into you and you're handing me a cupcake,'" said Tonya.
Tonya is about to officially open her own cupcakery called Haleigh-Claires Cupcakes, named after her two daughters. She says she already has a client base from people who have received free samples.
"It's delicious and two I think it's just such a good cause, her heart's in the right place," said Headhunters Salon Stylist Stacy Ragsdale.
Stacy Ragsdale says her favorite cake is the Pecan Pie!  She encourages others to support Haleigh-Claires because not only are you getting a sweet treat, you are also helping others.
"I think it's a wonderful blessing she gives 20% of her profits to feed the hungry in Paducah and then she's sending a dozen cupcakes every week to soldiers. So I think she blesses so many people with her cupcakes," said Stacy.
Tonya sells each cupcake for $1.25 and donates a quarter to Kids Against Hunger in Paducah. A quarter is enough to feed a child for one day.
"You get a cupcake and some kid gets life essentially," said Tonya.
The next time you're craving something sweet consider Haleigh-Claires! And help feed others at the same time. Click this link to  visit her facebook page.
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