Murray Is Reaching New Heights


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HARRISBURG -- Ever since a young age, Harrisburg pole vaulter Lindsey Murray has been a gifted athlete. But it wasn't until 5th grade that Harrisburg vault coach Ron Brachear noticed a hidden talent that she might have.

"I walked out of my kitchen door one day and I have a log home, and I saw Lindsey climbing up the side of my house to get on a rope swing," said Brachear. "I told her that she should come see me when she gets into high school because I was going to make her a pole vaulter. So, it was her freshman year and I felt a tap on my shoulder and she said, 'Hey you remember me?'  I said, 'Yep.'"

Murray began competing in pole vault in her freshman year in high school. During her junior year, she finished fourth in the state with a vault of 11 feet 6 inches. Then in her senior season, Murray cleared her highest vault of 13 feet at an indoor competition.

"I can't even explain the feeling because I was so excited," said Murray. "I wanted to be at that point all year and to finally get there, it was just the most amazing feeling ever."

"I am very excited to vault for Brian (Porter) and Connie (Price-Smith)," said Murray.

"This will be the type of program that Lindsey will really benefit from," said Brachear.



"I was extremely proud of her because she has worked hard," said Brachear. "She deserves it, and I think the best is yet to come."

Now Murray has her sights set on claiming the class 2A state championship this season.

"I have worked really hard since freshman year, then sophomore, and I have been building and a state title is just the big win," said Murray.

After Lindsey's career comes to an end at Harrisburg, she will take her talents to SIU.

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