Harrisburg Residents Blame Ameren For Power Surge


By WSIL Reporter

HARRISBURG  --  People in one Harrisburg neighborhood are lashing out at power company Ameren. They say a lack of maintenance on electric lines led to a power surge. And now, the company won't pay for the damage.  

Neighbors on Longley street in Harrisburg want answers. They say they've had a lot of problems with their Ameren powerlines over the years. 

Jack Grisham, a former electrician, blames a lack of upkeep. Now, residents say the they're dealing with the consequences after a power surge. 

Teddy Ray Price is one of those people. "The majority of my house just wouldn't work. I thought this don't make no sense I've got power. The linesman said a ground cable snapped right down the street," he explained. 

Price says the surge fried his television and new air conditioning unit. 
At least five other neighbors also report damages. They were told to file a claim with Ameren but didn't get the answer they were hoping for.
"I got this letter from this third party thing that takes care of Ameren I guess and it said your claim has been denied," Price says.
The damages aren't enough to meet their insurance deductible, so they're asking Ameren to step up.
Price says, "Thats not asking for too much. I'm not asking for a ton of money just want to be reimbursed what I had to spend."
Price says the company owes it to the neighborhood to pay for the damage and do maintenance to prevent future problems. 
"They're talking a lot of money. I understand that I'm in business, but they need to do something. The folks down the street and up and around here have been hurt financially because of a lack of maintenance," he says. 
We reached out to Ameren for comment on this story. A spokesman said he'd look into it but has not gotten back to us or returned our follow up calls.
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