Competition Fuels Goodley Twins


By WSIL Sports

WSIL -- When you see Ashton Goodley on the golf course, chances are her twin sister Taylor isn't too far behind.

"We are always together, at home, at school, at golf," Taylor said.

"Just knowing that she's there to support me all the time, it's a lot of help," added Ashton.

The fraternal twins are two of southern Illinois' top high school golfers. Ashton won the Black Diamond Conference tournament last month, Taylor took the regional title earlier this week. They aren't afraid to remind each other of their victories either.

"We always keep the heat on each other," Taylor said.

"It's hard because I want to do my best but I also want her to do her best," Ashton said. "I just have to go out there and whatever happens, happens."

"You want to be the one to win," said Taylor. "But you want her to be happy too, so you just have to do your best."

Even when the girls aren't playing in the same group. They're always looking out for one another.

"When we're apart we have our own little signals we do," Taylor remarked. "If the other one is struggling, we try to pick them up."

"A lot of times it's just a look," their father Greg said. "They can look at each other walking around the course and know what's going on."

Greg Goodley is the Eagles' coach. He encourages his girls to challenge each other in everything they do.

"You sharpen steel with steel and they really push each other," said Greg. "They work hard together and I think that shows up in their play."

The competition goes beyond the course though. At school, Taylor and Ashton have every class together. As sophomores, their grade point average is above 4.0.

"Our whole family is competitive but we're really competitive in school," Taylor said.

Both Taylor and Ashton want to play golf in college. It's only fitting they plan on attending the same school.
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