Class Act: Harrisburg Students Prepare for the Real World


By WSIL Manager

HARRISBURG -- Graduation is still months away, but some students in Saline County are better prepared for what happens after their get their diplomas.

Managers at the Harrisburg Walmart are leading the way. They recently did mock interviews in front of all the seniors at Harrisburg High School.

"I don't think high school students really get the adult world they're getting ready to enter. They're excited for the freedom they're going to have, but yet not quite prepared or ready for the actual reality and responsibility of it," said business teacher Beth Lane.

She's excited to have students take part in this first-time event at Harrisburg High School.

Rhonda Bottoms is the general manager at Walmart. She and other management members at the store offered real world advice.

"We believe it's important to influence our high school students coming into the workforce, to help educate them on how to interview, what questions to ask, and how to build a resume," said Bottoms.

Senior Bryant Bennett went through the process. "I think it's going to get more high school seniors involved and they'll learn the interview process," said Bennett.

Advice included: dressing the part, paying attention to body language and listening to the questions. Others on hand suggest taking something positive and making it shine.

Lane says it's important that as these students prepare to graduate they remember that after May, they're no longer high school students.

"Now they have bills to pay, looking at college and how to pay for it, and trying to get a job that's going to give them a little bit more spending money and be able to accept that responsibility as well," said Lane.

Many hope to use this experience with college interviews as well.
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