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GREENVILLE -- Three years ago Sam Kuhnert had a vision. He wanted to get kids who were missing a limb, like himself, out of the stands, off the bench and into the game.

"I see kids all the time on the sidelines, just sitting there and wanting to play," the 19-year old Kuhnert said. "They just don't get the encouragement or don't have the will."

So that's why Kuhnert started NubAbility Athletics, a non-profit organization designed to encourage kids with limb loss. NubAbility hosted its first camp at Greenville College last weekend.

"If all these people show up, how could it not be what I'm supposed to do?" Kuhnert added.

Fifteen kids from as far away as Georgia and Michigan took part, making the impossible look easy.

"There was a girl with no arms that just threw a baseball with her foot," said Kuhnert. "That was pretty awesome to me."

Sam's talking about Zoe Bosanic. The 4-year old and her father Brian made the eight hour drive from Michigan for her first camp.

"The determination that she has, that she wants to do whatever her friends are doing and doesn't want help doing it," said Brian.

Zoe was born without either of her arms but it doesn't stop her from having fun. With a smile on her face, she isn't afraid to try tumbling head-on.

"It's a good opportunity for her to see other kids that have disabilities like she does and interact with them and do things that she may not have tried," added Brian.

For Ally Williams, camp is all about encouragement.

"It's inspiring," she said. "Just to know that if they can do it, I can do it too and that I'm not alone."

Ally plays volleyball and basketball in St. Peters, Missouri. She'll be a freshman this fall and is getting plenty of good advice from one of the country's best volleyball players. Nicky Nieves is on the United States National Paralympic Sitting Volleyball team and came all the way from Oklahoma to help Ally.

"I learned how to set here with Nicky because my other team doesn't really know how to teach me," Ally said.

"I really just want to teach them that it's okay," Nieves remarked. "Don't ever be afraid, don't ever take whatever people think about you and let it hold you down. Do whatever you want to do."

It's the same message Kuhnert hopes the kids will take with them. A constant reminder for a teenager who is using his disability to make dreams come true.

"Seeing these kids succeed, I can't tell you how awesome of a feeling it is."
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