Gas Leak Leads to Evacuations in Chester


By Loreto Cruz III

RANDOLPH CO. -- More than a hundred people in Chester were back in their homes Saturday night. 

Witnesses near Swanwick Street looked out their windows early Saturday morning to see a fire burning a van.
The fire was caused when a power line broke and sent electricity running through a street sign. The sign's base then ruptured a nearby gas line and sparked the fire.
Several blocks of homes were evacuated, while crews worked to fix the leaking gas..
"I'm just glad no-one was hurt," said van owner Phyliss Moutray. "I'm just glad that our homes didn't go up in flames. That could of happened very, very easily."
Crews made repairs and had the utilities back on Saturday afternoon. Officials are asking residents to call the fire department once they go back home, so workers can do a final inspection.
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