Du Quoin State Fairgoers Brave Heat


By Amy Fox
By Andy Shofstall

DU QUOIN-- It was a hot kickoff to the Du Quoin State Fair with temperatures in the 90's. Fair officials say they are prepared for the heat.

Eighteen cooling stations have been set up throughout the fairgrounds for people to use. Despite the hot temperatures, people are still enjoying their time at the fair even if they do get a little sweaty.

State Fair worker Donny Myers said, "The sun's beating on us, but we've been, you know, back and forth drinking water."


"It's the humidity that goes with it that is probably the most difficult factor to deal with, but it's August, we're used to that," said Glenn Web.


"It's making us be very creative as to where to go," said Pam Conine. "We just got done in that exhibit building over there in the air conditioning to cool off for a little while. Looked at the Clydesdale that's been here and we've drank our tea."


From fans to cooling mists, everyone is trying to survive the heat at this year's state fair. In effort to keep everyone safe, 18 cooling stations are in place all throughout the fair for everyone to use.


Webb said, "I take advantage of all of the shady spots."


"Ice water, an umbrella and a towel around my neck that's cool," said Myers.


The heat affects everyone differently. So, fairgoers are encouraged to take advantage of all of the cooling stations when they are walking around, so they don't become the next victim of heat exhaustion.


"If anyone feels the need, if they start feeling the symptoms of dizziness, weakness, fatigue, headache, they need to get inside to cool off. If you elongate that or let that go on for any further amount of time, you can get really sick," said Greg Freeland, Pinckneyvile Paramedic.


If you are planning to come out to the fair this week, Freeland says it's a good idea to drink 8 to 16 ounces of water every half hour to stay hydrated.  

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