Unsung Hero: Helping the Homeless


By WSIL Reporter

Woodlawn -- The generosity of one woman inspired others to help out a stranger.

If you saw a homeless man on the side of the road, most of us would keep driving. But in Mount Vernon, one woman stopped to help, and the community followed suit.

"I've met so many nice people since I've been here, it's been a
blast," said Barry Morrison.

Barry is homeless and travels with a bike and a pack of dogs. In December he stopped in Mount Vernon looking for a place to camp. He knew one of his dogs was about to give birth to puppies.

"The thing that caught my eye the most was the dogs and the sign
that said 'homeless, work wanted,'" said Leah Goree, "He wasn't asking for money, he just wanted work, he wanted to earn what he needed."

Leah Goree lives in Woodlawn but was in Mount Vernon when she saw Barry and his dogs.

"People like dogs better than people," said Barry.

Leah told Barry he could set up camp on her mom's property. But Leah wasn't the only one who noticed the man and his dogs.

"I got on facebook that night and my news feed was all about
Barry and it blew my mind," said Leah.

Mount Vernon and the surrounding community came together to help out a stranger. One woman even gave him a home to stay in until he's ready to move on.

"I saw his sign said "need work" so I asked him what kind of
work he did and it turned out he did the kind of work I needed done," said Laura Smith of Richview.

Laura Smith often helps the homeless. She says each year she spends
thousands of dollars paying for a bus ticket to get them where they're going.

"You have to be careful.. Barry's a scary looking guy.. But if I
would have let that stop me from stopping him where would he be?"

Barry's outlook on life may surprise you.

"My life has never been better," said Barry.

But Barry's not the only person who is thankful and counting their blessings.

"He kept thanking me and I said I don't think I'm the one you
should be thanking, you're the reason all of these people stopped." said Leah.

"Everybody just needs to be thankful for what they do have," said Barry.

A homeless man not asking for help, but only asking what HE can do to
help.. has changed these people forever.

"I thanked him for letting me be part of something like this," said Leah.

Barry is planning to travel to Colorado in the spring for work. He says he's hoping to be able to buy a truck so he doesn't have to ride his bike.
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