Probation Costs Cut From Jefferson County Budget


By Matthew Searcy

JEFFERSON COUNTY -- Leaders in Jefferson County are making a big change to help get finances in order.

For years Jefferson county has funded the probation program for the Second Judical Circuit, which covers 12 counties. Board chair Robert White says that will stop next year. White notified the chief judge of the change earlier this week. He says the move will save the county more than $200,000 next fiscal year.  
"This year we are looking everywhere we can to cut expenses due to the loss of ICE detainees," said White. "To me this really is a no brainer. It's untenable for Jefferson County to continue to subsidize this." 
White says the probation money could be better used in other areas, like repairs to the courthouse. Officials want to have next year's tentative budget ready for board consideration by next month.
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