Witness Looks Back on the Opdyke Tornado


By Sam Smith

JEFFERSON CO. -- People in Opdyke are counting their blessings after a tornado ran through their town Friday. One person lost her life and several others were injured.

One woman saw the funnel cloud form into a tornado less than two miles from her home.

"I was just watching the funnel cloud go up and down, up and down," says Robin Guskiewicz.

Robin was home alone when the storm hit. Luckily, her home wasn't touched, but it was close enough that she could see it right from her porch.

"It was just that close, the pictures make it look like its far away but it's actually a whole lot closer," says Robin.

Her husband, Rick, was two and half hours away at work when the storm hit, but he was able to receive the photos.

"I was not at home and kept getting phone calls asking if my house was still there, if my wife was ok. I didn't have a clue," says Rick Guskiewicz.

On his way home, Rick was able to see the damage done to the Brown's home, where 60-year-old Pat Brown died.

"There were people holding hands, praying, stepping on the wreckage. It was bad," describes Rick Guskiewicz.

A day after the storm, the couple is relieved the storm missed their home. While they didn't know the Browns personally, they sympathize with them, because just like Robin's husband Rick, Pat Brown's husband is a truck driver.

"There were tears flying everywhere, and I feel sorry for the husband because he's a truck driver and he had to come home and find out that he just lost his home, his wife, everything. It still makes me sick to my stomach," describes Rick Guskiewicz.

The Guskiewicz family didn't have a tornado plan prior to Friday, but say now they'll make sure one is in place.
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