SIU Unveils New Emergency Alert System


By Matthew Searcy

CARBONDALE -- Student safety has become a focal point at SIU this semester. A new outdoor emergency PA system is now up and running.  

The notification system is designed to alert students of potential natural disasters or other threats on campus.
"We've engineered it such that if you are on university property outdoors you should be able to clearly hear the system," said SIU facilities director Brad Dillard. "We now also have the capabilities of distributing pre-recorded or live voice messages to distribute as the situation may warrant."
The messages include everything from a tornado warning to a potential on-campus shooter situation.  
"We put together 13 pre-recorded messages that cover a wide gamut ranging from severe weather, to police emergency, to just a generic test," explained Dillard. 
Text message and email alerts are already available to students, but the new system will allow even faster warnings.    
"If it's giving a verbal message, it will kind of speed up the process of trying to analyze what the siren is meant for," said SIU junior Emily Lind. 
"I think this is a very important step for the safety of the students on the SIU campus," explained Dillard.  
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