SIU Recruit "Bobo" Drummond Shines at Hoopfest


By Bret Beherns

MARSHALL COUNTY, KY -- The SIU men's basketball team has already solidified both open scholarships for next season with two guards, Antonio "Bobo" Drummond and Travis Wilkins.

Wilkins is a 6'3 shooting guard from Utah who averaged 18 points a game last year at Snow Junior College.

Drummond is 5'10 point guard from La Lumiere prep school in Indiana, who averaged 13 points and 4 assists per game last season as the team's captain. And it's his style that is floorburnU. It's his athleticism that is second to none. And it's his nickname that has a story of its own.

"It's a good way to describe me," the future Saluki said. "My family gave it to me so I would never go against it."

Drummond picked up the nickname "Bobo" as a child after his family and friends thought he acted like none other than Bobo the clown.

"I'm not really the clown type of guy but I'm a good guy to be around," he said. "Clowns make people smile and I like to make people smile so I'm fine with that."

Bobo grew up in Peoria and was regarded as one of the state's best guards his freshman season at Peoria Central, even drawing interest from the University of Illinois, the team he grew up rooting for and where he wanted to play. But after two years at Central, Bobo transferred to La Lumiere, a prep school in La Porte, Indiana. Poor grades and a desire to get a fresh start led to the switch.

"I needed a new environment just to relax and focus on school cause school is the most important thing and I wasn't as focused as I should of been."

After Illinois' interest faded, Bobo was open-ended on where to go to college. In the summer he played AAU basketball for former SIU guard Bryan Mullins' dad, Mike, on the Illinois Wolves, meaning he had a direct connection to the Salukis.

"Playing for coach Mullins, it was pretty much what you saw from Bryan," Drummond added. "Toughness, aggression, the will to win. It helped me value the basketball, understand how important defense is, the little things that younger guys don't really pay attention to, so it matured me a lot."

His hard work with the Wolves has paid off at La Lumiere. In a game against Oak Hill Saturday night at the Marshall County Hoopfest in Kentucky, Bobo led the Lakers with 15 points. But it was his defense that shined the brightest, holding North Carolina State signee Tyler Lewis to just three of ten shooting and only two assists. has ranked Lewis the 55th best senior in the country.

"Every time you step on the court you've got guys that are ranked ahead of you and it always pushes you. It pushes me everyday. It's almost like my motivation."

A self-proclaimed floor general and leader of the team, Drummond isn't shy about what he does best.

"Every night I play defense, I distribute the ball and I do whatever it takes to win."

A mix every Saluki fan can get excited about.
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