SIU Groundskeeper's Labor of Love


By Kelly Burke,

 CARBONDALE-- Scott Wright studied nursing in college, but found his calling after temporarily taking over the SIU groundskeeper job six years ago.  He quickly realized the challenge was for him and began learning everything he could about field turf.  

Wright works 60 plus hour weeks and arrives at Charlotte West Stadium before 5 AM on gameday, but he doesn't mind.  He says his favorite part is chalking the field, but he places a big focus on safety, playability, and aesthetics.  

Wright is so good at his job, he has even fielded job offers from opposing Missouri Valley teams, but says he would never leave Carbondale, especially since he grew up a Saluki fan.  He is super competitive and wants nothing more tthan to see SIU win, which he knows starts with a flawless field.  

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