Red Cross in Need of Donations


By Amy Fox
By Randy Livingston

CARBONDALE--  There's a growing need for blood donors right now. Nationally, the Red Cross is down approximately 80,000 donations. Summer break, holidays, and vacations always make this a challenging time.

With the lack of blood donations, the Red Cross is asking everyone to help donate before they reach an emergency situation. On Friday, donors gathered at the SIH Systems Corporate Office in Carbondale to help meet the need.

Summer is typically one of the slowest times for the Red Cross.

"If you were to get into an accident and you need the blood and they don't have it, what are they going to do?" said Lynn Glover, a blood donor at Friday's event.

Without support like this from the community, donations come up short and less blood is available to patients in need. 

Blood donor Lynn Evans said, "I just like helping people and every chance I get, I'm going to be here."

"If I ever needed the blood, I wish it would be there. And, that's kind of the way I feel, if it's not there, we're losing lives," said Glover.

In addition to blood donations, there's also a need for platelet donations, which are used for cancer patients, burn victims, and bone marrow recipients.

For more information on upcoming blood drives, you can visit

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