Local Lawmakers Set Sights On Veto Session


By Matthew Searcy

MURPHYSBORO -- It's a key time for Illinois policy makers. Several high profile issues are on the agenda when lawmakers meet for a veto session this Tuesday.

Funding for state facilities will be a key topic for local leaders.

"I know the reasons we need our facilities," said republican Mike Bost. "For safety purposes and I know what it means to our economy here."

Local facilities like IYC Murphysboro and TAMMS could be directly affected this session after the senate votes on whether to restore funding.

"If they can take action in a day or two we will probably take action on it in the next week," said Bost.

A vote from the senate would not necessarily keep those facilities open but would prevent

Governor Quinn from using that funding elsewhere. Something both parties seem to agree on.

"If the governor has his way he is going to take jobs away from our area and I just don't want that to happen," said democrat Brandon Phelps. "I'm going to be mainly putting all my attention into trying to override the governor's veto regarding funding for state facilities."

Both Phelps and Bost believe that big ticket items such as pension reform and expanded gambling won't be addressed this session. Those topics will likely be addressed at the beginning of next year.

The six day veto session will take place this Tuesday through Thursday. Lawmakers will then take a break before meeting again next week to complete the session
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