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CARBONDALE-- There are two constants in SIU senior Justin Bocot’s life- rapping and basketball.

"Before the game I listen to rap music and it kind of gets me amped and pumped and I’m jumping around, and that’s kind of how I am on the court as well," said Bocot.

Growing up, in junior high, he and his friends even formed a rap group called B.P., short for ballplayers. It’s a passion’s he’s carried on to Carbondale.

"When times come, I might write it down, like people keep journals or diaries, I’ll write and it will happen in rhyme. I think it will help me a lot because it expresses me. Basketball is my first outlet- when that’s not going as well- the other thing I can go to is rap, so I think that will help me out," added Bocot.

This season has admittedly been rough at times for the Bloomington senior, but he remains committed to the team and will graduate with his degree in speech communications in May.

"Thing I learned probably through my five years is just loyalty. I’ve been loyal to this program since I got here. My whole class that I came in with left, and then the class that I started playing with my first year- everyone’s gone from that class too, so it taught me to be loyal and to channel my attitude because I went from being a starter to not even playing that much."

Bocot’s learned to channel his emotions through his music.

"Basketball is my first love so while I’m here, I’m giving that my all, but after basketball, when I get some down time, I’ll probably focus more on the music, see what happens, try to get my name out there a lot more," Bocot said.

When the season ends, he hopes to perform at open mics. In the meantime, he has no regrets.

"I probably wouldn’t change anything because it’s bigger than basketball. I met a lot of amazing people, coaches, played at a lot of amazing places," reflected Bocot.

With only three regular season games left, Bocot says his time as a Saluki has flown by.

"It came so quick, just the other day, I was in here sweeping up the floors and now I’m played on them for four straight years, it goes by so fast, you don’t think it does," admitted Bocot.

Most of all, this self-admitted Momma’s boy is proud to honor a promise to the most important lady in his life- he's graduating in May and dedicating his degree to his Mom.

By: Kelly Burke
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