Carbondale's Three Quarterback System


By Bret Beherns

CARBONDALE -- There's nothing normal about Carbondale's offense. While most teams play only one quarterback, the Terriers feature three, rotating them freely throughout the game.

"Teams really don't know what to do with us cause you have to stop three different, triple threat, it's hard to stop," Terriers sophomore quarterback Justin Hoffmann said.

"It's hard to prepare because you never really know," Terriers junior quarterback Bryce Reno-Gibson said. "You can know what's coming but can you stop it?"

Last season current senior Kaid Koester played quarterback more out of necessity than anything. But this year Hoffmann has stepped into that role, taking the majority of the snaps. Reno-Gibson comes in to mix things up.

"It's fun for everybody," Terriers head coach Dan Koester said. "Justin, the sophomore is getting most of the reps. Kaid comes in and pounds it a little bit. Bryce comes in, plays quarterback and gets some speed on the edge."

Each quarterback works with a different set of plays and formations. Justin primarily throws the ball out of any of the team's sets while Kaid operates the offense out of a 'heavy' formation. Fittingly enough, Bryce runs plays from a formation called 'Reno.'

"All three of us bring something different to the table," Kaid Koester said. "Justin with his arm, Bryce has a lot of speed and I can run up the middle."

The combination makes it tough for opposing teams to prepare for.

"It's kind of a unique offense," Marion head coach Kerry Martin said. "It's not something we've seen through the years, so it's pretty hard to mimic in practice."

And that just might be what the Terriers need Friday night. At 3-4, Carbondale has to win its last two games to have any shot of making the playoffs.

"It's definitely a motivation like at practice," Hoffmann said. "The seniors know if we don't win this next game then we're out of it."

"Our backs are against the wall," Reno-Gibson added. "This is a must win and an 'L' isn't even in our vocabulary."
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