Unsung Hero: 2013 Year In Review, Lifesavers


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

WSIL--We take a look back at some of our Unsung Heroes credited with saving lives.  This is part two of our Unsung Hero year in review. 

In January Billie Earl's car landed near this strip pit in Williamson County.  It took two days before Alan Geary happened to drive past and see what he thought was an abandoned vehicle.
Alan was unaware that Billie was in the car until she cried out to him.  Amazingly Bille survived the two days in below freezing temperatures eating only ice and snow.
"It would be nice if people would slow down their lives as they go down the roads and try to notice something," said Alan, "I'd done nothing nobody else would of done."
Jerry Rowland of Herrin was checking his mail one April afternoon when something caught his eye.  He noticed his neighbor ,Melba Thurman was leaning on a telephone pole on the edge of the road.
Melba had fallen in a ditch after trying to retrieve an awning.
"I just kept hollering 'Help! somebody help me!' until I could holler no more," said Melba.
Melba had used all of her strength to get close to the road and try to get a driver's attention.  She later learned she had suffered hypothermia, a fractured hip, and several scratches and bruises.   She says she could have died if Jerry had not seen her.
"I really am no hero. I am Melba's hero because I was there for her," said Jerry.
A 16-year-old Marion boy nearly fell to his death at Fern Clyffe in May.  Mitchell Phillips and his friend Brooklyn Plumley were hiking when Micthell slipped and fell 65 feet.  Brooklyn was able to call for help and crews arrived in minutes.
"If she wasn't there I'd be dead.. she's a good friend," said Mitchell.
Mitchell broke his wrist and ankle and suffered a mild concussion among other injuries.
A young boy is hailed a hero after possibly saving his mom's life.  Peyton Campbell's mom was having a seizure and he used a phone app to tell his dad.
Peyton's dad, Steve Campbell then called 9-1-1 and rushed to the house to help.
"To have the know how to know to get ahold of my dad because somethings happening to my mom, not a lot of four-year-olds would understand that," said Steve.
An entire family escaped their burning home thanks to a close friend.   The Frye family of Carmi calls Anita Cosby their guardian angel for helping them get out of their home.  Anita was helping them with an electrical issue when the fire started.  After saving Esther and Gaylene, Anita knew she had to get Terry out too. Terry is disabled and didn't want Anita to risk her life for him.
"I told Terry I said ' you've gotta get up you've gotta go!' and he said 'I can't walk.' he said 'just go on.' I said 'I'm not going nowhere.' He said 'just leave me.' he said 'you saved my family so leave me.," recalls Anita.
Anita was able to get Terry our of the house as well as their two dogs.
Allen, Jerry, Brooklyn, Peyton and Anita are all heroes for different reasons.  Whether it was being in the right place at the right time, or putting their lives on the line for others, these are just some of the exceptional people we are proud to call our neighbors.
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