Vandals Target Christopher Knights of Columbus


By Evie Allen

CHRISTOPHER -- Police are searching for the thieves who broke into the Knights of Columbus Hall in Christopher.

The burglary happened early Monday morning and the crooks may have been going after video gambling machines.

In all the years Mike Salmo has lived in Christopher, he's never seen the Knights of Columbus burglarized before. 
"In our estimation they were only after anything that had cash value," he says.
Salmo has been serving the charitable organization as the Grand Knight for many years. But the gaming machines have only been there since late March. He believes those machines may have been the target of the break-in. The thieves stole from three gaming terminals, an ATM, the jukebox and the gaming payout safe.
"They got into the liquor room storage and compromised our safe and stole money from the Knights of Columbus," he adds.
Christopher Police and Illinois State Police are handling the investigation. Salmo says this is the third place in Franklin County that gaming machines have been broken into. He's hoping investigators find the thieves quickly.
"If we can get some justice, I mean I think it's good for us but it proves that crime doesn't pay. And we hope that can be the answer to the investigation."
Investigators say they haven't determined how much money the thieves took.
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