Restaurant Report Card: May 19, 2014


By Emily Finnegan
By Andy Shofstall

WSIL -- Reema's Indian Cuisine in Carbondale received an 82 from the inspector. 

The restaurant is in the middle of an expansion as it transitions from a drive-thru to a sit down eatery with a much larger kitchen. The owner says the work played a big role in the deductions he received. The drive-thru window was left open and there was no sanitizer at the dish machine. Both of those critical issues were corrected on the spot.
Some refrigerated dishes weren't labeled with the date and time they were prepared, and a seam in the roof was leaking and had to be fixed. The inspector followed up the next day, and found the critical violations were addressed. The leak in the roof was scheduled to be repaired within two weeks.
The owner says he looks forward to the visits from health department, because they help his kitchen be the best it can be.
It was an 84 for Maid Rite in Christopher.
There were a pair of critical problems; chili wasn't being reheated correctly, and there were beans that were more than a week old still in the cooler. There was a leak in the refrigerator, the ceiling needed repairs,  and some of the food in cold storage wasn't labeled properly.     
Kimmy's Kitchen in Mt. Vernon earned a 91 on its most recent check.
The report notes large spaces around the storm door needed to be sealed so vermin can't get in the building. Additionally, raw eggs were above milk and juice in the fridge. That pair of critical issues cost the restaurant eight points.
The Mt. Vernon Cracker Barrel scored a 95. 
The dish washer didn't have enough sanitizer in it. That was a critical violation, but it was quickly corrected. Broken floor tiles also needed to be replaced.
Giant City Lodge in Makanda has the top marks this time with a 97.
There were no critical deductions, but potatoes needed to be stored off the floor, and a light bulb in the baking area was burned out.
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