Governor Pat Quinn Signs "Sign and Drive" Bill


By Evie Allen
By Randy Livingston

WEST FRANKFORT -- Quinn passed the "Sign and Drive" law. The goal is to allow people who get a traffic ticket to hold on to a vital piece of their identification.

In Illinois, flashing lights in your rearview meant you could temporarily lose your driver's license.

But the decision has always been up to the officer.

"I guess they've pushed this to the point now where they're just going to eliminate that discretionary move on law enforcement's part and just make it where licenses will not be taken as bond," says West Frankfort Chief of Police Shawn Talluto.

If you've been pulled over and had your license taken as a form of bail, you know it can take weeks to get it back. Chief Talluto says that can be a big problem if you need proper identification.

"Say you go into a federal building or you go into any place that requires some form of identification, a lot of them you just can't pull out their Sam's card. They want a state issued identification card," explains Talluto.

Saturday, Governor Pat Quinn addressed that problem, signing a bill that will help drivers keep their licenses. The law only affects certain moving violations like speeding or failure to stop at a stop sign.

Talluto says it does not apply to DUI's or revoked or suspended licenses.

"I see no legislation in there that indicates that it will be removed from the statute as far as DUI is concerned," he explains.

When the law goes into effect in January, drivers will only have to sign the ticket. And they'll still receive a paper copy with a court date.

"What you will get is a signature from that person, which is what we do currently with out-of-state drivers," adds Talluto.

The Secretary of State's office may still suspend the driving privileges of anyone who doesn't comply with a ticket. Supporters call it a small change that just makes sense.

"It does have a purpose," Talluto. "I don't see anything detrimental in this law."

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