Christopher Officer Resigns After Off-Road Mishap


By Hilary LeHew

FRANKLIN CO. -- An odd drive on private property has left a Christopher police officer without a job.

Assistant Police Chief Scott Davis resigned Monday. The move comes about a week after Davis was discovered sitting in his squad car stuck in a backyard near Mulkeytown.

Officials say Davis was off-duty last week when he left his home to back-up another officer on a call and ended up stuck on the bank of a pond.
"It was just a weird day," insisted Lowell Voyles.
Davis was the last person Voyles expected to see coming up his quarter mile driveway. "I was out in the barn and I heard a vehicle drive up and I looked and seen it was Christopher police," he said.
It was just about sunset Tuesday night when Davis drove right past Voyles, through his yard, and towards this pond.
"When I first seen him I thought well, maybe there's somebody loose out here and they're looking for him," explained Voyles. "He was pointed right toward the pond and I was afraid he was going to drive out on the pond," he added.
Icy and snow covered at the time, Davis drove around the pond and over the dam, before he got his squad car stuck. "Bout right here, and he was off a little bit where he started spinning," said Voyles.
Voyles says he hopped on his tractor and drove down to meet Davis.
"Asked him what in the world he was doing and he said, oh just patrolling." And I said, well there ain't nothing out here. I've been here all day, there's nothing going on here and I said, do you want me to pull you out? No I just stopped here," Voyles explained.
Voyles knew something wasn't right so his wife called the Christopher police department.
"He didn't want to really talk to me to start with and I could just look in his eyes and he was just kind of glazed over like he wasn't really with it," he said.
The police chief arrived and Voyles used his tractor to pull the squad car out. He says the police chief later told him Davis was on medications.
"I just want to make sure he's okay before he comes out driving around again," Voyles added.
Officials at the Christopher police department didn't want to go on camera, but say Davis was working a lot of hours leading up to the incident. He resigned Monday for medical and family reasons. The squad car involved was not damaged.
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