Sheriff: Woman Struck by Stray Bullet from Gun Range


By Sam Jones
By Benjy Jeffords

WILLIAMSON COUNTY-- A Marion woman is out of the hospital after being accidentally shot Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities think the victim was hit by a bullet fired at Tombstone gun range off Skyline Drive; she was half a mile away at the time.

Signs line the property of Tombstone Gun Range warning about the dangers of entering the shooting area, but investigators believe a bullet strayed off the Marion property and hit someone down the road.

“I can't say for sure the round came from here, but people were shooting here and the round ended up over there,” explained Sheriff Bennie Vick.

Vick said three people were using the area designated for rifles, just before 1:45 p.m. He said those guns are capable of firing the bullet that ended up at a nearby union training facility.

“223's a high-velocity round, lightweight. And when they bounce they can travel half a mile pretty easily,” he added.

A female apprentice was hit in the face and taken to the hospital with non-life-threatening injuries. The incident has the victim and her coworkers questioning safety.

“I was speaking with some of them, and they're concerned about people still using the rifles and shooting in that direction,” Vick shared.

Tombstone Co-owner Dave Kemp takes concerns like those seriously.

“Ultimately you can do everything humanly possible to prevent that and sometimes things happen,” admitted Kemp.

He said the range is looking into whether anything could have been done to prevent the accident.

“We're trying to figure out if it was a design feature, or something completely external,” Kemp explained.

Vick said charges likely won't be filed, since the shooting appears to be unintentional.

“They're at a firearms range, you know, shooting weapons that the ranges are designed for,” said Vick.

For the time being, owners have voluntarily shut down the rifle area.

“If that makes people feel better at the moment, we definitely want to cooperate with that,” Kemp told News 3.

Deputies will return to the union training facility with metal detectors Thursday, in hopes of finding the bullet.

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