Residents Want Changes after Elkville Break-ins


By Sam Jones
By Benjy Jeffords

JACKSON COUNTY -- Thieves are smashing windows to get inside homes in an Elkville neighborhood. At least three were hit in the last couple of weeks.

So far police haven't made any arrests. Police say the burglars target locked homes, some more than once.

Rachelle Barnes-Atterberry lives on the 200 block of N. 3rd Street and says her neighborhood isn’t as safe as it appears.

“We live in a quiet town. You'd never think this would happen,” Barnes-Atterberry explained.

She moved to the area in March and within a week, her home was burglarized. The thieves broke a hole in her side window, wide enough to unlatch it and gain entry. They also destroyed another window, before leaving through the front door.

Nothing was stolen.  Barnes-Atterberry thinks the thieves were scouting the place to plan a second crime.

Then just a few days ago, her next door neighbor’s home was a crime scene. 

“Somebody had broken into my neighbor’s apartment over there. They did the same thing to hers. They broke her window out and went out her front door,” she added.

Barnes-Atterberry says yet another neighbor was targeted twice. He wasn't as lucky.

“They stole money and then the second time that they came around they took his electronics,” she said.

Just a few blocks away, Shannon Morse's garage was hit twice in a matter of weeks.

“Twice this year my car’s been vandalized and now my insurance is dropped too because of it,” Morse shared.

Her convertible top was a total loss. She says making the two claims so close together cost her the ability to have car insurance, starting in June.

“Who would do this? Who would break into a garage and just slice the top of somebody’s car? I mean who does that,” she wondered.

Both women want action. They're asking for more street lights and officers on patrol.

“It's very dark between this block and down that way there’s only two street lights and they're one at each corner,” Barnes-Atterberry said.

“Everybody pay a little more tax to have another police officer; yeah I think it would help,” admitted Morse.

They hope city leaders will answer their pleas quickly. Elkville police say they'll work with state police to analyze evidence found at the homes.

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