Family and Friends Mark Anniversary at Intersection of Deadly Motorcycle Accident


By Stephanie Tyrpak
By Mike Kaan

CARBONDALE - A Cambria family took to the streets of Carbondale Tuesday to remind drivers a distraction lasting a few seconds can have deadly consequences.

"Its been a year today, and we want to remember; everybody to remember him," said sister Rhonda Burns.

For the family of Billy Bailey, September 13, 2010 will always be a painful memory.

"My dad was my whole world," said daughter Elizabeth Bailey. "I called my dad everyday, three times a day."

The father of three and grandfather of six was traveling the streets of Carbondale when an accident took his life.

A year later to the date and time, his loved ones met to construct a cross and release balloons in honor of a man who is dearly missed.

"He was a great person," said Bailey. "He would take the shirt off his back for somebody, and now he's not here."

46-year-old William "Billy" Bailey was riding his motorcycle through the intersection of Glenview Drive and Route 13 when a car ran the red light, hitting and killing him. One year later, it's still an accident that family members and friends don't believe needed to happen.

"People need to pay attention more," said Bailey. "I've seen already two cars at this intersection today run a red light."

Bailey was an avid biker and as part of the short ceremony, the small crowd shared their message with passing traffic. It was a way to encourage drivers to stay alert and focused, sharing the road with motorcycles that may be tougher to spot.

"We want people to know to slow down," said Burns. "Take that second look at red lights, watch out for bikers."

It's a simple message that can make a world of difference.

"Stuff like this happens and people just forget about it," said Bailey. "Life goes on, and it doesn't for everybody."
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