Unsung Hero: Tammy Conn Memorial Baseball Tournament


By Ashley Smith

ELIZABETHTOWN --  A tragic car accident earlier this year claimed the life of a Hardin County teacher. The community is making sure her memory lives on and her children are taken care of.

"[It was] crazy knowing that everybody cared about her so much like I did care about her so much," remembers Carson Conn. "And everybody just kind of shared that feeling, and you could really tell."

Carson lost her mother in March after a car accident. Tammy Conn was only 44.

On Saturday, 44 balloons were released in Tammy's memory from the same baseball field where she spent countless hours as athletic director at Hardin County Schools.

"It was very emotional. There was people taking pictures of me and my family and then balloons going off and they were like all over," explains Carson.

"Tammy is a reflection of the community and how much they want to give back to the community and everything that's good in the community," said Hardin County Schools Superintendent Keith Reinhardt.

The community came together for a memorial baseball tournament and field dedication in Tammy's honor. Four teams competed coming from Pope, Gallitin, and Hardin counties. Organizers say it was a group effort to hold such an event on the day of the dedication.

"I would like to say thanks to the staff of the school and to our friends and family and the community and everybody who came out and supported it," said Carson.

Tammy was not only athletic director, but she also taught third grade. She spent 21 years shaping the lives of children. Even though she only had two kids of her own, some say she was a mother-figure to hundreds.

"She was an outstanding, giving person, unselfish, and cared about everyone equally and wanted the best for everyone in the community," remembers Keith.

Those who knew her say she left a huge void in their lives, but they know her memory will live on.

"I want people to remember how dedicated she was to her job and to me and my brother and to helping others and not thinking about herself all the time and that everybody loved her because of her dedication. She was just really inspiring to everybody in the school and the community and anybody who was around her," said Carson.

Proceeds from the tournament went to the Tammy Conn Memorial Fund for her children. Additional money was raised from concessions and t-shirt sales at the event.

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