Unsung Hero: Steve Venable


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

MARION -- A high-five and a friendly greeting is what you'll get while crossing Main Street in front of Washington School. Steve Venable has been a crossing guard there for two years. 

Last week, it was picture day, and students wore their favorite clothes to school. Heavy rain threatened to ruin the day until Steve stepped up.

"He really saved the day!" said PTO President Andrea Arnold.

Andrea says Steve, or "Fuzzy" as he's often called, helped a handful of kids stay dry and safe when he picked them up and carried them over the flooded road.

Jennifer McCuan's seven-year-old daughter Alexa was one of the kids Steve helped.

"It was spring picture day," said Jennifer, "So we had curly, curly hair with the umbrella and the pouring down rain. So it was great, he really helped a lot of the kids over because you want to look your best for spring pictures."

"The kids were amazed by the water, and I picked them up to carry them across and they were pretty happy about it, they didn't want to get wet," said Steve.

Steve says he didn't hesitate to help the kids that day. In the past two years he has really gotten to know the students and says they're the best part of his job.

"Every day they come with a different story, a different problem, and you've got to solve that problem in about a minute or 30 seconds and move on to the next one. I love the kids!" said Steve.

Students and parents alike say Steve is one-of-a-kind.

"We are very blessed to have him for Washington School. Like I said, rain or shine he is a happy person to be with, and it's nice to have that influence around our kids," said Jennifer.
"Parents were amazed, first of all. Couldn't believe that someone would actually do that for their kid and extremely happy that they wouldn't have to return to school with new socks or shoes for their kids," said Andrea.
Even though the day started out crummy, Steve and the kids will have quite a story to tell.
"Who doesn't like a free ride across the river?" asked Andrea.
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