Unsung Hero: One Run for Boston


By Ashley Smith
By Brandon Merano
By Josue

CASEY -- A group of local runners joined a national effort to raise money for the Boston Marathon bombing victims.

"So far the drivers, they've been good about getting over, honking, waving, cheering us on," said Daniel Alexander of Marshall, Illinois.

One year after the Boston Marathon bombings, runners took to the streets to find healing and help the victims.
The One Run for Boston began in Santa Monica, California March 16th and ended in Boston earlier this week. 
Thousands of runners carried a baton and American flag 3300 miles across the country raising close to half a million dollars.
"It was an honor to hold the flag because this came all the way from the west coast and is gonna wind up in Boston in time for the Boston marathon," said Wayne Griffith of Marion.
Wayne Griffith traveled to Casey, Illinois with a group of local runners including myself.
"I think without exception every one we meet either feels incredibly blessed and lucky that they weren't caught up in the tragedy or in fact their hearts just go out to those people who were there. So this is just a great opportunity to connect all of those people and send positive vibes toward Boston," said ORFB Organizer Kate Treleaven.
Organizer Kate Treleaven is from England.
Kate and two of her friends first organized the relay just a couple of months after the marathon last year. That year the relay run raised $91,000.  They say this time has been much more successful!
"Our sport had been targeted and more than that it wasn't just the runners but the supporters," explained Kate, "Those people who come and cheer us on and wait at the finish line they were the target of this attack. So, we felt like we could do anything we could do to help."
Local runners Allison Sutphin and Kenya Garner ran the Boston Marathon together in 2005.
"I think it was shock at first and then it was just emotion knowing that we had been there like Kenya said that our family had been in that spot," said Allison Sutphin of De Soto.
"We would love to go back again and since we're not there we would love to show our support and this is the way to do it" said Kenya Garner of Herrin.
Daniel Alexander is from Marshall, Illinois and ran three legs of the relay.
"To be able to raise money for these families is just unbelievably gratifying."
36,000 runners will tackle the 26.2 mile course Monday.
Matt Crain of Marion qualified for the race in June.
"Because of last year's events and the bombings I think it's going to be really patriotic it's going to be special not only for me but for all those that attend," said Matt Crain.
Those runners and spectators will come back stronger than ever putting the tragedy behind all of us, one step at a time.
If you would like to donate to the One Fund, you can find out how at this link: click here.
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