Unsung Hero: Mike Peters


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

CARTERVILLE -- Mike Peters has been driving a bus for Malone's Early Childhood Learning Center for seven years. 

A few weeks ago he picked up the last kid and was on his way back to the school when all of a sudden he heard something that didn't sound right.

"I heard the sound of tires, it was an unnatural sound, it was a big truck and when I looked to my right I'd seen the truck coming at me getting ready  to flip over," said Mike Peters.

Mike was turning onto Route 13 when he says a garbage truck going too fast nearly slammed into the bus. Mike was able to quickly swerve to miss full contact with the truck which then flipped on its side. 

"This is going to be ugly, that's the first thing I thought," said Mike.

Somehow most of the 13 passengers escaped with minor injuries and even the garbage truck driver was able to walk away from the accident.

The parents and staff say that is largely thanks to Mike's driving and the safety procedures on the bus.

"Malones is really good at strapping kids down they're real good," said a grandma of two of the students Renada Hucks, "they.. Malones is, they're good people I mean it's a good school and I'm just glad they're concerned about the kids and the parents."

Mike says he wasn't the only one helping the kids and passengers after the  accident. He says two nurses and a doctor with SIH were driving past and stopped to help.

"They're the ones that took care of the injured child. Because I had my hand full with the assistant and I couldn't do both. So those two people 

right there.. they were like God sends," said Mike.

The staff member who was badly injured is going through rehab and another student is still receiving treatment.

Mike had to take a short time off of work and still has alignment issues with his back. 


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