Unsung Hero: Lowe's Delivery Drivers


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

CARBONDALE -- Lowe's in Carbondale is responsible for bringing happiness to a young boy simply by giving him empty boxes.

Mason Brown is very excited anytime the Lowe's delivery truck pulls into his driveway. This is a special delivery. Not one that his mom Stephanie ordered. This is different.

"Usually he's standing in the doorway, jumping up and down. And for us, this gives us an opportunity to do something fun," said Lowe's delivery driver Jason Lashbrook. "Just come in, drop a box off, see him happy, and it just lightens up the whole day."
Jason Lashbrook and Joe Hughes are bringing Mason an empty refrigerator box. Mason is three-and-a-half years old and has autism. He finds pure joy and endless fun inside a cardboard box.
"Just the look on his face when he sees the box outside on his porch and then we bring it in and set it up, his whole face just lights up," said Mason's mom Stephanie Brown.
In October, Jason and Joe delivered kitchen appliances to Stephanie's home. Stephanie was looking forward to getting the boxes almost as much as the appliances. But when the delivery arrived, there were no boxes.
"She was clearly upset. She said that her son loves to play in the box and wanted to know if she could still get a box," said Jason.
The men found an empty box in the back of the truck and gave that to Mason. They have continued bringing a new box right around the time Mason wears out the old one.
"For those guys to not only give him a box, to give him some happiness, but to continue to think about him, and to continue to drop it off really means a lot. Because they didn't have to do that," explained Stephanie.
Stephanie says Mason uses the box for lots of different things. He colors on it, plays inside, and sometimes uses it as a hiding spot.
Mason may not know where his oven came from, but he definitely knows what those five letters and blue writing means.
"When we go shopping he sees the Lowe's, and he'll go 'Box!' So he identifies the store, because he sees the truck with the box," said Stephanie.
Building a better childhood, one box at a time.
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