Unsung Hero: Knifty Knitters


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

 A group of women is using their spare time to turn yarn into warmth and comfort.

 After two years of knitting hats and scarves the group is growing and helping even more children.   Maurine Bovee is one of the founding members of the "Knifty Knitters" at Prairie Living in Carbondale.  The "Knifty Knitters" spend an hour or so together each Thursday knitting these hats for kids who are sick.  "I've been making so many that I don't have any feeling on the ends of my fingers anymore!" said Maureen Bovee.  "I'm not as quick as Maurine," said Doris Llet, "She's like a factory herself! It takes me about two to three days to make one."  Maurine and Doris Llet started knitting together two years ago. In that time they've recruited more members and donated close to 200 hats to the children's hospital in St Louis.  Maurine's grandson is a doctor at the hospital and gave her the idea to donate the hats.  "I feel so sorry for them and I want to help them," said Maurine.  "Just breaks your heart to see people in need.  If you've had sick people in your family you know how people hurt whenever they're sick, especially children," said Doris.  Inside Prairie Living you will often see these ladies with a needle in their hands and yarn at their feet.  They say it's more than just a hobby.  "You just try to join as many things as you can and see what you like," said Fay Pavloff.  "I just love to help pass time, and it's something to do," said Doris.  The "Knifty Knitters" may never meet the kids who wear their hats. But Maurine's grandson tells her the look on their faces is priceless.  Admittedly the time spent together isn't ONLY about knitting the hats.  The women do a lot of catching up and enjoy one another's company.  The "Knifty Knitters" say the yarn they use is mostly given to them through donations. If you would like to help them you can drop off yarn to the Prairie Living community at Chautauqua in Carbondale.


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