Unsung Hero: Kile Britton


By Ashley Smith
By Josue

Nine-year-old Kile Britton has been forced to grow up fast in many ways.

But this West Frankfort boy is still a kid at heart who loves to spend time outside with his friends and sister.

"My favorite things to do during the day is to play baseball and play basketball at the basketball courts," said Kile Britton.

Kile has Jobe's Syndrome. It's a genetic disorder requiring frequent infusions. Thanks to new technology, Kile can receive those infusions from home.

"It's not constantly going to the hospital, it's only an hour treatment and you don't have to wait all day to do it," said Kile.

Despite countless hospital visits and missing nearly a month of school, Kile doesn't let that stop him from being a normal kid.
Kile loves to play outside and go swimming in the summer.

"It takes a lot for him to get outside but when he does he smiles and he doesn't let it get him down," said Jessica O'Daniel.

Jessica O'Daniel is a substitute teacher at Kile's school and a close family friend.

Kile and his classmates involved in the school's reading program were entered into a drawing to win a bike. Jessica happened to pull Kile's name! But Kile didn't keep the bike for himself.

"I thought of my friend and I thought well I already have a bike but my friend doesn't so I thought I would give it away," said Kile.

Jessica says she was surprised to hear that Kile didn't have the bike anymore, but she wasn't surprised to find out why.

"Everybody was in awe and in tears," said Jessica, "We were really excited for him he really did a good thing."

"It made me feel good to give a bike or something away for a friend," said Kile.

Kile knows that good deed won't go unnoticed.

"I would say think of how they would react and how happy they'd be, and maybe you'll get something back and you give you get," said Kile.

Kile's teacher Mr. Webb heard what Kile did and bought him a new bike.
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